Welcoming our packaging material!

Hi All!  It's so Winter over here in Delhi and I can't de-freeze off it!  Feels like winters are more enjoyable in Chicago for the simple reason that we've got heat running throughout the house.  But, I'm not complaining because whatever life brings, we learn to live through it.  Not to mention, it's almost-almost over.


But let's shift out attention to what we are doing these day.  There's has been a bit of silence in the arena, but not at the backend.  I was working on designing our marketing material, labels, cards, boxes, tapes etc.  Everyone said it's SOOO important and I can't take it easy on that front.  So I went out and got all of that done.  Still waiting on boxes and tape to get done, I'm hoping to be holding them early next week.  But for now, here are our sticker and cards we would be using to package our bags.  Hang tight, I'll be making a video of "How we package our bags" once I'm equipped with the necessary.  Took it a little easy on social media and marketing last 2 weeks, let's get back into full swing of things with the changing weather. 

Loads of love from Delhi!

Timi Singh