It's such a great feeling to be finally up and running!

Hi There our beloved visitor!

I can't express how excited I'm to have finally gone live with our site!  Well, again. Building a brand is so challenging, yet so rewarding.

One thing we've learned on the way is that it's crucial to work with the right kind of talent to be successful.  Believe me when I tell you, a company wasted my entire year attempting to build my website.  Such high level of incompetence!  But we can't look back, so let's move forward.

Zok and Zaari is a handbag brand.  We are based out of Chicago and Delhi.  Two of my favorite cities in the world.  We initially started out with a variety of handmade products, but soon understood we needed to focus on doing 1 thing and doing it right.  So we choose to focus on our handbags, because they got the most love from our clients.

Now we focus on wooden purses, wedding purses & clutches, faux leather clutches, PU Leather Evening Bags, fabric and cloth purses, and hand embroidery clutch handbags.  Check out our pretty things and get a few for yourself and your girlfriends, because everything we make is a limited edition. 

2021, you've been good.  Now let's welcome 2022 and make all the good things happen.

Happy New Year 2022!!

Zok and Zaari