We've a collection of wooden clutch handbags!

We are serious.  We have such an amazing collection of wooden handbag.  Each wooden purse is handmade and hand-carved out a single wood piece.  Some of them are oval, round, square, small, medium.  You name it.  Carry them to prom, wedding, or daytime.  All wooden purses are light weight and come with a sling.  Not only that, we can customize wooden handbags for you.  Let us know what you need, but but!  Do give us time (we can discuss how much).  We too want you to have your customized wood purse in time.  So plan ahead.

wooden handbag purse wood purse for party wooden handle bag


For now, let's look at this light colored delight!  We mistakenly called this wooden clutch handbag a Pentagon, it's actually a hexagon.  But we are not going to fix the name, some mistakes are harmless.

What is the size ? This wood bag is 8 in X 5 in X 2.2 in

What does the wooden bag fit? Any size phone and small accessories.  

What is the interior?  Interior is lined with fine black suede.  It has a small change pocket.  It also has small magnets around the top rim to keep the wooden bag closed and shut.

What about the sling? Removable 41 in thick sling in gold.  The wood purse hangs really pretty on the shoulder, or you could easily remove the chain and carry the purse like a clutch handbag!  But this wooden clutch purse looks super cute both ways.

What is the cleaning care?  Lightly use wood cleaning solution.  NEVER harshly rub wood.  If harshly scratched or rubbed to clean residue, the wood retains scratch marks, just like your prized wood furniture would. 

But where's the link to purchase this wooden handbag? Just click on the picture above!